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This table sets out the output types for REF-category 'other documents', including a broad definition and examples, which are provided for guidance only and do not represent a definitive list.

Output type REF eligible? In scope of the Open Access Policy?


Granted patents, copyrights, trademarks, or registered designs on specific products or processes.

Published patent application Y N
Published granted patent Y N


An original published/publicly available score, first performance or first recording by a record label or  musical composition.

Compositions created while being played, for example electronic compositions, jazz improvisation Y N
Published/publicly available score Y N
Recordings Y N
Sound component of a film or video, lyrics, multimedia composition Y N
Commissioned works Y N
Combinations or developments of the above Y N


A creative research/problem-solving output in the form of design drawings, books, models, exhibitions, websites, installations or built works.

Fashion design Y N
Textile design Y N
Graphic design Y N
Interior design Y N
Industrial design Y N
Architectural design Y N
Multimedia design Y N
Sound design Y N
Exhibition design (i.e., not the content of the exhibition) Y N
Theatre design Y N
Other designs Y N

Reports for external bodies

Non-commissioned and commissioned and/or funded by an external organisation, including reports for private companies, government departments and non-governmental organisations. 

Non-confidential research report for an external body


Confidential report for external body