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This table sets out the output types for REF-category 'books, or parts of books', including a broad definition and examples, which are provided for guidance only and do not represent a definitive list.

Output type REF eligible? In scope of the Open Access Policy?

Authored book

Written entirely by a single author or by joint authors who share responsibility for the whole book.

Scholarly books Y N
Research monographs Y N
Textbooks Y N
Revisions/new editions of the above Y N
Novels, plays and screenplays Y N
Collections of plays, poems, short stories or other creative writing Y N

Edited book

A book or volume in which individual chapters or contributions have been written by different authors.

To submit a work in this category the editor must have had sole responsibility, or be identified as having made a substantial contribution to the editing, choices for inclusion and underpinning process of investigation.

Edited books or volumes Y N
Textbooks or encyclopaedias where significant background research is required Y N
Annotated anthologies where research informs the annotations Y N
Revisions or new editions of the above providing this includes substantial new research material Y N
Literary translations, where these contain significant editorial work in the nature of research Y N
Chapter in book    
Chapters in edited books Y N
Entries in textbooks incorporating significant research content Y N
Entries in scholarly editions Y N
Entries in revisions or new editions providing this includes substantial new research material Y N
Translations where these contain significant editorial work which constitutes research Y N
Scholarly edition    

An edition of another author's original work or body of works informed by critical evaluation of the sources (such as, earlier manuscripts, texts, documents and letters) often with an scholarly introduction and explanatory notes or analysis on the text and/or original author.  This may include a translation of the original text(s) where this constitutes part of the research.