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Deposit your thesis in Apollo

Cambridge PhD alumnus/alumna can make their PhD theses available by depositing them Open Access in the institutional repository, Apollo.

If you wish to make your PhD thesis Open Access, you will need to ensure that any third party copyrighted material contained in your thesis is either cleared (which means that permission has been granted for re-use in Apollo) or redacted (which means that the third party copyright material is removed and replaced with a statement confirming that the content has been redacted), and that the thesis does not contain any sensitive material which cannot be made public.

Theses in electronic format

Cambridge University welcomes alumni who wish to make their PhD thesis available open access in Apollo. If you have a digital version of your thesis to upload, please email it to us at along with your completed deposit licence agreement.

Theses on paper

The Office of Scholarly Communication has a small fund to pay for the digitisation of alumni PhD theses to be made open access. If you wish to have your thesis digitised and made open access, please download the deposit licence agreement and once completed send a copy to We will organise for the digitisation of your thesis and upload it to Apollo. We will send you an email when this is complete with a link to your thesis for you to share with colleagues and add to your CV.