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You choose the journal. We help with the options.

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Start by telling us about your chosen journal and the funder(s) of the work. You will get general information from the Sherpa open access databases. Afterwards you will be able to request funding or further help.

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What is this for?

The University of Cambridge encourages open access whilst asserting that you should continue to choose where to publish. Here you will be able to see how your publishing choices relate to RCUK policy. In the first step you can find out the RCUK compliant options from your chosen journal. In the second step you can request help with making a 'green' open access deposit, or requesting a 'gold' open access payment authorisation.

Who should use this?

University of Cambridge Authors publishing:

  • Articles or conference proceedings, but NOT monographs
  • An article which acknowledges Research Council funding
  • An article submitted for publication after April 1, 2013


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