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When you are ready to submit your electronic thesis, you will need to complete the Symplectic Elements upload form. Once you have entered the details about your thesis, please follow the prompts in Symplectic Elements to deposit your thesis in Apollo. Once you have finalised your deposit, a ticket will be created in the Thesis Team's helpdesk. The Thesis Team will process your ticket and complete the deposit into Apollo. We will be in touch if we have any questions throughout the process and will send you a confirmation email once your thesis has been processed. 

MD by Special Regulations candidates should contact the Thesis Team ( for advice on submitting their thesis once the Student Registry has informed them that they are in a position to do so.

Please be aware that it is the University's policy that the electronic version of the thesis should be identical to the hardbound and they should be the version approved by the examiners and the Degree Committee. Other than supplying a redacted version, no amendments can be made following submission:

Files to submit

Thesis and related files are deposited via Symplectic Elements. The system provides a set list of files that can be uploaded. These are outlined below:

File type Guidance

Thesis (unredacted)

This is the version of your thesis that was approved by the Degree Committee. Please supply in PDF.

Thesis (redacted)

This is the version of your thesis that was approved by the Degree Committee and that has content redacted. Please supply in PDF.

Thesis (restricted) Use this file name to tell us that the thesis you are depositing a time limited restricted thesis (N.B., you do not need to upload a thesis file if you have chosen to indefinitely restrict it; the files are not stored in Apollo). Please supply in PDF.

Thesis access form

This form needs to be signed by yourself, your supervisor, and if you have selected Time Limited Restricted or Indefinitely Restricted Access, by your Degree Committee as well.  

If you are unable to secure a physical signature from your supervisor, please contact the Thesis Team who will be able to provide you with an email template for your supervisor to complete and return to us direct. 

Supplementary material

These are files that form part of your examined thesis, but which may not be contained in the same document, for example, appendices or volumes.

Senstive material/copyright permission

If you have permission to reuse sensitive material or copyright material, you can deposit the consent/permission forms and we will store them in Apollo. The files will not be visible on your thesis record.