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Most major research funders now have a mandate for outputs to be made open access.  By accepting a research grant, the grant holder is required to provide open access to the publications arising from the funded research.  In addition, publications that wish to be eligible for the next REF assessment exercise also need to be made open access.  Funder open access policies are important for supporting research outputs becoming openly accessible by academic and non-academic audiences.

The Open Access Service supports Cambridge authors understanding the key funder requirements and how to comply.  If you don't comply with your funder's policy, your existing grant may be partially withheld, and you may not be eligible for future funding.

In addition to publications, most funders require that the supporting research data should be made available open access wherever possible, so others can use it and build on this knowledge. Support and advice on good working practices for research data management and sharing is available at the University’s Research Data Management website

Use the links on the left hand side or follow the related links on the right hand side to find out more about the major UK and European research funders’ Open Access policies.