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Transitional deals (also known as Read & Publish or Transformative Agreements) are agreements the enable institutions to cover the cost of open access publishing in advance via an annual payment. The deals are usually agreed between Jisc on behalf of the higher education consortia, and individual publishers. 

This means that researchers submitting articles for publication in journals in these agreements will not be charged fees as the costs for open access publishing has already been met. 

Information on how to access the deals is outlined in the flowchart  'Accessing a Transitional Deal' in our Open Access Publishing Resources page.

In summary, if all of the conditions below are met then a researcher will be able to access a deal: 


  • The corresponding author is a researcher affiliated to the University of Cambridge (they should be the corresponding author at the time that the paper is considered for approval). We advise authors to use their email address (or sub-domain in the format in the publisher's submission system.
  • The journal is a participating journal
  • The paper was submitted/accepted during the term of the deal
  • The article type is covered by the deal (more detail on the terms of each deal can be found below)
  • No annual article caps have been met. 

If you are an alumni research student or a visiting, honorary or emeritus researchers and want to make a request access to a deal, or have any other questions about the University of Cambridge's transitional deals, please contact the Open Access Team.