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We recommend that you prepare for your thesis submission in advance by:

  • Familiarising yourself with the requirements for the presentation of your thesis for examination.
  • Considering any third party claims on the Intellectual Property (IP) and copyright of your thesis, and obtaining permission if necessary.
  • Considering whether your thesis contains any sensitive information, and obtaining permission if necessary.
  • Considering your options for arranging storage of, and access to, research data.
  • Considering and discussing with your supervisor the appropriate access level for your thesis. You will need to complete the Access Confirmation Form and submit it along with your thesis. Remember that if you choose a restricted access level, this form needs to be signed by your Degree Committee. 
  • Considering what to do with the research data that you have generated during the course of your PhD. Any data that supports your thesis, but won't be supplied to the examiners and examined as a party of your thesis can be deposited separately from your thesis, and the two records can be linked in Apollo. Alternatively, if you have additional materials that are integral to the thesis, and will be examined as part of your thesis, you will need to secure permission to include these with your thesis submission. Other than students in the Faculty of Music (who do not need permission), if your thesis was submitted for examination from 7 September 2023, you will need to seek permission through the CamSIS Self Service. Bear in mind that if you are granted permission to deposit additional materials to the examiners, they must be uploaded with your thesis and will form part of the thesis record. This may affect which access level is suitable for your thesis. Students can consult the 'Policy on the inclusion of additional materials with a thesis' before making an application to include additional materials.