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Preprint server-specific advice 


  1. Submit a copy of your accepted manuscript to arXiv before publication.  In practice this means as soon after acceptance as possible
  2. Complete the metadata fields for arXiv submissions as usual, and include in the Comments field text like “Accepted Manuscript”, or “Accepted for publication in JOURNAL NAME on YYYY-MM-DD”
  3. If possible, include text within your manuscript document to identify the version, i.e. “Accepted Manuscript”, either on the first page or the header


bioRxiv does not allow authors to upload copies of their accepted manuscripts, so in order to meet the REF 2021 Open Access requirements upload a copy of your accepted manuscript to Symplectic Elements within 3 months of acceptance for publication.


Publications already in preprint servers

There is no need to retrospectively change manuscripts which are already in preprint servers. The Open Access Service will work with authors to identify REF-compliant papers in preprint servers.