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The minimum metadata requirements for outputs intended to be submitted to REF 2021 are listed below. This information is required by the Open Access Service to deposit the output in Apollo, Cambridge's institutional repository. If metadata is missing, authors will be asked to provide the relevant information and / or to update the Symplectic Elements record for their output. In cases where this information has not been provided or the author fails to respond, the deposit will not be completed, which may result in the output not being eligible for submission.

Symplectic Elements Record

Output in REF Open Access Policy*

Everything else
Upload copy of author's accepted manuscript (AAM) Yes No
Acceptance date Yes No
Publication date (if already publicly available) Yes Yes

*Journal articles and conference papers in proceedings with an ISSN, accepted for publication from 1 April 2016

Key Terms

Author's accepted manuscript refers to the final peer-reviewed text which may otherwise be known as the 'author manuscript', or 'final author version' or 'post-print'.  Please note that outputs that have been provisionally accepted for publication, under the condition that the author makes revisions to the manuscript that result from peer review, are not considered as the final text.

Acceptance date means the date given in the acceptance letter or email from the publisher to the author as the 'firm' accepted date.  Outputs that are published by a journal or conference proceedings which do not require peer review are within the scope of the Open Access Policy.  The date of acceptance in this instance should be taken as the date that the publisher confirms that the article has been received from the author and will subsequently be published, and the author's final version should be uploaded.

Date of publication means the date that the Version of Record is first made publicly available (such as on the publisher's website).  This will usually mean that the 'early online' date, rather than the publication date, should be taken as the date of publication (if the date is imprecise, for example, MM/YYYY, the final day of the given month can be used as the date of publication).  Where an author accepted manuscript is the version of an output to be first made publicly available, either that date or the earliest date that the Version of Record is first made publicly available will be accepted.