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To support planning and analysis throughout the process of negotiating a new deal with academic publisher Elsevier we are keen to hear all voices, from across disciplines and roles. 

This will ensure the University’s decision is rooted in the interests of students and researchers at all levels.

Update 13 January 2022: at the end of December 2021, Elsevier presented a 7th proposal for a new contract to UK Universities. The sector’s Elsevier Negotiation Team has evaluated this proposal against the UK Universities sector’s requirements, in discussion with Jisc’s strategic groups and sector bodies. A rapid sector consultation on the 7th proposal is now underway - please read this update for further details on how you can contribute to this before Monday 17 January 2022.    


Contribute your comments 

We welcome comments and feedback whilst the negotiation is ongoing.

Our informal feedback form has been available to you since April, and we continue to invite you to use it to send us your thoughts on the negotiations until a final decision is made.

Send us your comments

Alternatively, you can email your feedback to

Formal consultation with the academic community at the University of Cambridge, November 2021

On 01 November, a consultation document was circulated to all Schools, Departments, Faculties and non-School Institutions to gather feedback on the significance of Elsevier titles for teaching and research within each discipline and each part of the university.   

The document provided a short overview of the negotiations and asked respondents to comment on the impact of a potential loss of seamless access to Elsevier titles from January 2022, and on the impact on publishing within their discipline.

list of most of the current Elsevier titles was made available to help make this process easier, but if you would like to check the status of particular journals please email us.

Responses were to be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday 24 November 2021 by individuals or by a committee well placed to comment. 

We recognise that the combination of pandemic and other factors will mean that any responses are likely to be indicative.

    This feedback will inform ongoing internal discussions and the wider negotiations over when a deal should be accepted or rejected. It will also shape preparations for alternative access if a deal is not reached.  

    Questions about and responses to this consultation should be addressed to: